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What if it’s possible to change anything? What if you know something that no one else knows? What if now is the time to express and choose everything you came here to be?

ONLINE via zoom
17 Sep 2020 – 21 Sep 2020
07:00 AM – 11:00 AM AEST

Creation of Wealth

The Creation of Wealth is about looking at the possibilities around you that you could use to create more. So many people have divorced money and wealth from their lives and refuse to love it. That’s what we are changing with this class.

We are getting you to the part where you start to enjoy everything that money can contribute to you, your future and your life.

Would you like some of that?

right voice for you

Having a voice in the world has nothing to do with your physical voice. It has no technique and practice is never required. Having the right voice for YOU is what occurs when you are willing to be vulnerable as you, receiving the world around you, and have an allowance for all things as they are, including you.

This class is for anyone that desires to cultivate and develop a life beyond fear and anxiety and let go of the fixation of getting a result. It takes away the necessity to prove you are anything or to be received in a certain way. Need and validation become irrelevant and true creation from choice become available for those willing to go on the adventure.