elegance of living

The elegance of living was born from the realisation that a future of possibility is available if we are willing to embrace the beauty of the past. Its about living with things that add to your life and financial reality rather than just making due. It has nothing to do however with how much money you have or don’t have.

I these 3 series of classes we go through a number of topics related to learning about art and antiques and teach you about precious metals and stones, periods of history as related to design, furniture, decorative arts and how to identify them. We even suggest a few ways to find them at a bargain.

This series is available online and includes manuals and videos with examples of the content.

right voice for you

Having a voice in the world has nothing to do with your physical voice. It has no technique and practice is never required. Having the right voice for YOU is what occurs when you are willing to be vulnerable as you, receiving the world around you, and have an allowance for all things as they are, including you.

This class is for anyone that desires to cultivate and develop a life beyond fear and anxiety and let go of the fixation of getting a result. It takes away the necessity to prove you are anything or to be received in a certain way. Need and validation become irrelevant and true creation from choice become available for those willing to go on the adventure.

creation of wealth

There is an energy available for those that desire to constantly create more!

If you are interested in having a life where you are always creating more, having more and expanding what you thought were the choices you could make, this is for you…

In this class we will invite you to add to your life in ways that work for you, give you more choices and add an element of wealth and ease of possibility you always knew was you.