Christopher Hughes is a facilitator of consciousness, an arts and antiques curator and the lead facilitator for Right Voice for You.

After earning his undergraduate degree in Opera and Song at the University of Western Ontario, Chris entered the world of professional opera. He later used his voice in various industries, from singing telegrams to voiceovers for video games, cartoons and elevators. In his words, “If it’s a job using your voice, I have probably done it.”

After moving to Australia, Chris completed his Masters in Integrated Marketing and Communications at QUT. He is currently the Managing Director and curator at the Antique Guild in Brisbane and Vice President of Australian Antique an Art Dealers Association.

He facilitates classes for Right Voice for You, The Elegance of Living, and the Creation of Wealth; all specialty programs with Access Consciousness. His desire is to help people to “live beautifully” and encourages everyone to always take the best things off the shelf and use them, including the best parts of themselves.