“How to Discover the Real You”  

This might be different advice than you are expecting to hear about ‘discovering the real you’.  My first question is: which ‘real you’? The ‘you’ you are now? Or were ten years ago? Or will be ten years from now? I believe you must realize and have allowance for the fact that you change and grow and develop, and the ‘real you’ will not be static or immutable. Do you wear the same style of clothes or hair as ten years ago? Is your hair even the same colour or thickness? The art and antiques and furniture I loved ten years ago are very different than what I enjoy and choose now.

If you wish to ‘discover’ more about you – just keep trying different things to see what you like. Keep exploring what is fun for you.  Instead of trying to find the ‘real’ you and the seriousness and significance of that – what if you aimed for what is fun for you now?  Not just saying, “oh, I like classical music so I will go buy opera tickets”.  Some operas are boring.  Check out a jazz concert or, gasp, a rock concert. (Or, if you are a rocker, check out an opera.  Some of them are loud and intense.) You might discover another piece of what makes you you. Unleash your curiosity about the world and what is available for you to experience. The worst that can happen is you discover something you don’t like. It’s all information.

Your life is like a painting.  It’s made up of brush strokes and each brush stroke is a choice. A painting is a composition of thousands of strokes – like your life. All the choices you have made so far have created what you are today. Everything that is in your life today and everything you’ve created and achieved – all those strokes – you started working towards years ago. That painting, those strokes, show you the true you. Look at that unexpected blue stroke from a few years ago and see the interest it adds to your ‘painting’

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