Are you willing to see and receive everything in your life? What if it all, the good, the bad and the ugly, is a contribution to creating your future? What if your willingness to have a really shitty day was actually part of creating greater and more wonderful days?

When you resist ‘the bad and the ugly’ you are negating possibilities. What if you could be ‘interesting point of view’ when something you have defined as bad shows up rather than resisting it, which locks it into your reality. Remember that phrase, ‘what you resist persists’? When you go to a grand buffet do you eat everything? No. But you see everything that is there and make choices for you. You don’t ‘resist’ and turn your back on the pickled herring because you’ve defined it as bad. You just don’t choose it. What if we were that pragmatic about the buffet of choice in our day to day lives and be willing to see all the different choices and energies (good, bad and ugly) as just interesting possibilities and choose that which will actually create the greatest?

There’s lots of talk these days about ‘what are we willing to receive?’ Receiving is not a destination. What receiving truly is being is not just the good stuff you get, but the entire download of everything you like and everything you don’t like, everything you’ve defined as good and everything you’ve defined as bad. And when you’re really, truly willing to create your reality, you receive all of it without a point of view. And then from all of that, choose what’s going to create more, what’s going to create greater. It’s not just the bright and shiny and the butterflies and the lollipops – it’s all of life and it really is the good the bad and the ugly, the shitty stuff, the great stuff and everything in between that makes life a gift and a choice.