On On the benefits of buying antique furniture over new:  Vogue Australia recently interviewed Christopher Hughes about the benefits of buying antiques over new.  Adding antiques to your home has numerous benefits, he said, including getting something unique and original that adds texture and warmth to your home in contrast to today’s minimalism.  We are starved of genuine luxury with so many of the big global brands offering mass-produced products in their show rooms the world over.

Many people think antiques are passé. Christopher says the industry is still strong but people aren’t necessarily investing in the same things they used to.  Chinese and Russian pieces are the ones to watch now, and keep your eye on Indian antiques.

Going to antique fairs is a great way of discovering what it is you like.  Christopher relishes setting a fabulous table of fine silver, crystal, china and a few curiosities, and has fun mixing and matching eras and styles, ending up with a unique look for guests to enjoy.

The antiques industry is changing and going online just like every industry. The Australian Antiques and Art Dealers Association (AAADA) is seeing a new breed of young dealers revolutionising the way antiques are enjoyed and shopped for.

Christopher can’t stress enough the importance of shopping with a reputable dealer – and doing your homework. Nothing is more empowering as a consumer than knowing as much (and in some cases more) than the person selling.  Don’t hesitate to ask for a better price.  Add something beautiful and unusual to your home this year!

To read the full article click here:   https://www.vogue.com.au/vogue-living/design/the-benefits-of-buying-antiques-over-new-furniture-and-why-india-is-the-next-big-place-to-buy-from/news-story/0df74152549da84f93dd598c033f3d75