hi, i’m chris!

Christopher Hughes is a facilitator of consciousness, an arts and antiques curator and the lead facilitator for Right Voice for You.

what do I do?

Having a voice in the world has nothing to do with your physical voice. It has no technique and practice is never required. Having the right voice for YOU is what occurs when you are willing to be vulnerable as you, receiving the world around you, and have an allowance for all things as they are, including you.


I love this series and Chris’s ability to share how he communes with everything. After these 3 calls and  the contribution from everyone’s what’s app photos and texts I am seeking and acknowledging treasure just for the pleasure of it.  I am also acknowledging what my body likes and the treasure in other people and myself. Now what else is possible?

– judy wooff

“The choice we make to create what this reality sorely needs is what will create a future where we don’t just value profits and high turnover, but craftsmanship and an intimacy for art and design that values integrity and beauty above just style.”

– Chris Hughes

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